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With a team of experienced accounting and finance professionals, ELEVEN provides robust consulting and advisory services to both public and private businesses from startup to large enterprise across a broad spectrum of industries. ELEVEN’s core principal is to deliver strategic solutions while adding intrinsic value lasting well beyond a single project or engagement. Our relationship with our clients is paramount and we hold steadfast in our commitment to remain driven by results.

ELEVEN’s team of seasoned, strategic, and tactical professionals have worked in organizational trenches and in board rooms to address a broad range of business challenges. Whether the need requires one resource or a full team of professionals, our clients take comfort knowing they have engaged a firm powered by experience.

ELEVEN understands organizations may be forced to pivot and react quickly to evolving business circumstances. We can adjust to client needs and thrive in environments requiring a high degree of adaptability. Whether the project calls for on-site, remote support, or a combination of both, we bring our entrepreneurial spirit and remain committed to delivering a vision motivated by excellence.

The name

Eleven Consulting Group

In constant pursuit of results-driven excellence, the scale is 0 to 10 and we are ELEVEN.


ELEVEN supports private equity firms and their portfolio companies throughout the investment lifecycle. 

ELEVEN brings experience to business owners, management teams, and boards to unlock potential and establish a foundation for scalability and success. 

ELEVEN serves public companies by providing a broad range of solutions that span the accounting, finance, control, and regulatory environments.

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Stefne McGinnis

Stefne C. McGinnis

Founder & Managing Principal

Engaged by $240M private equity owned manufacturer of utility infrastructure solutions to support purchase price negotiations, lead acquisition integration team, and serve as interim CFO and CAO. Provided these same services on four subsequent bolt-on acquisitions totaling over $300M spanning a 3-year period. Prepared each opening balance sheet and required valuations under ASC 805/820. Upon exit, led the team on behalf of private equity firm, to complete the sale of the Company to a multi-national conglomerate.